Colourful Solutions

Aspire Learning and Development are Licensed Practitioners of the Insights Colourful Model of human behaviour.  Using this innovative programme Aspire can help you develop your people, your managers and your teams.

Based on the work of Carl Jung, Insights Discovery helps you to better understand yourself and others.  This quickly leads to more effective interactions and – when used in areas like leadership, team management and sales - to organisational growth.

As a brief introduction: the model identifies four colour energies – Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green.  Each of these colour energies has words related to behaviour,  and whilst we are able to use all of them, we use these energies very individually in terms of the way we shape our personal style, the way we think, work and communicate.

Completion of an online evaluator reveals a full picture of an individual’s behavioural preferences and a detailed outline of your personal style and uniqueness as an individual.

This helps you to understand how this impacts upon your personal and professional relationships and clearly reveals that having a much deeper understanding of yourself and the behaviours of others can be the simple key to success.

Why not speak to us to identify how the colourful model can help your business?

Aspire Admin 26/07/2017