Aspire has worked on the AELP national provider support programme to ensure that the many thousands of learning providers delivering apprenticeships are able to adapt to the radical changes being introduced in 2017. Subject areas supported have included implementing changes related to the Reforms, change management and supporting the changing nature of staff roles, business development and sales, curriculum planning for successful EPA.

Working with individual local authorities to design and implement their levy strategy in order to most effectively utilise their levy, mapping existing level 2 to 7 learning to apprenticeship pathways and supporting them in developing new provision options to encourage stakeholders to use their levy.

Also working with various regional & national training providers to develop an apprenticeship offer from a zero base in order to mitigate the impact of the Levy on their business by implementing a brand new apprenticeship offer that maps to their current portfolio of professional training to industry.

Aspire provide Network Management for a  local apprenticeship provider network, supporting them to stay ahead of the changes to apprenticeship policy.